What is the General Secretariat for Mission?

The General Secretariat of mission is structured to carry out three main functions: 

  • observatory

  • accompaniment

  • involvement and participation in ecclesial paths (synodality)


SGM Team
Fr. Fernando González Galarza
General Secretary
From Mexico, he worked in South Sudan among the Nuer people and in Mexico in Mission Animation. He is in Rome from 2019.
Bro Alberto Parise
JPIC Coordinator
Italian, he worked in Nairobi (Kenya) in urban ministry and teaching at Tangaza College. In Italy he has worked in Youth Ministry. He is in Rome from 2019.
Fr. Arlindo Ferreira Pinto
LMC Central Comission
From Portugal, he worked in Mozambique in pastoral and in teaching. He has been director of Alem-Mar magazine in Lisbon.
Fr. Dario Bossi
From Italy, he worked in Italy in youth ministry then in Brasil, where he is currently the Provincial Superior. He is also member of the REPAM (Red Eclesial Panamazónica)
Fr. Edmond Dimonekene Sungu
From Congo, he is currenty working in Congo and he is the Segretary of Mission the the Provincie.
Fr. Richard Kyankaaga
From Uganda, he worked in Egypt and Sudan. He was director of the school for arabic language and islamic studies Dar Comboni. He is the Provincial of Egypt-Sudan
Fr. Giorgio Padovan
From Italy, he has worked in Italy and Brasil. Currently he is the Secretary of Mission of the Province of Italy
The WMS uses combonimission.net as a platform to communicate the programmes it runs. It includes a container of material organised in a structured manner. It is also an open space for the contribution and exchange of views of Institute members on various topics. In addition, it includes links to mission-relevant blogs and websites. (SGM Statute No. 28)