Accompanying the paths that emerge from the base and the processes that take place over time in the Institute from new perspectives and mission models

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Mission never happens by chance nor does it come about simply as fruit of a careful planning for we do believe that mission does...

Pastoral Afrocolombiana

Il Centro Afrocolombiano di Spiritualitá y Desarrollo Integral di Bogotá (CAEDI) è un servizio ai gruppi afroamericani, specialmente di Bogotá (circa 800.000) che sono...

Comboni Social Forum

The FSCMS has the following scope: Building a shared visionIntegrating our mission into the missionary vision of FrancisFacing the challenges of the mission today as...

Parco Laudato Si´

Progetto della comunità della Curia, con la regia del SGM, come attività all’interno della campagna Tempo del Creato. Si tratta di un’attività di animazione...

Year of Ministeriality

The year 2020 is dedicated to deepen and reflect about the ministerial dimension of our mission. Here you will find the different materials prepared...


Mission and education

Ministerios pastorales específicos

Pastoral Afro

Pastoral Afrocolombiana

Migrants pastoral in Europa