The Cultural Causes of Violent Conflict in South Sudan

As a missionary, I make the Gospel that presents God as a merciful Father, known to the people.  A disciple of Jesus is called...

Fr. Gregor Schmidt: “The Church’s Commitment to Reconciliation in South Sudan”

Tuesday, March 16, 2021I was asked to write about my commitment as a religious in South Sudan in 2019 by a quarterly magazine in...

Vive Laudato si’

Lea la presentación de las diapositivas

Social Analysis for Transformation

Exploring the methodology through the case study of plastic pollution Read the comments to the slildes

Living Laudato si’ – The Laudato si’ Action Plan

Building together a process for Religious communities and Institutes

A Participatory Perspective on the Pastoral Cycle

An introduction to participatory methods in Social Analysis See the comments to the slides of this presentation

Comboni Forum on Social Ministry

Download book "Creation itself awaits with eager expectation the Revelation of the Children of God" (Rom 8, 19). Dear members of the comboni family in the...

The Comboni Family in the World Social Forum

Combonian participation in the World Social Forum (WSF) already has a fine tradition that began in Nairobi in 2007. These meetings have enriched our...