Fratelli Tutti


At the end of 2020 Pope Francis published his third Encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, on fraternity and social friendship. This social encyclical challenges us as Comboni missionaries and urges us to reflect on our missionary ministry as we prepare for the General Chapter. This space is dedicated to reflections to share various missionary perspectives from each chapter of the Encyclical and insights from the document as a whole.

Scattered Thoughts on the Encyclical “Fratelli Tutti”

Fr Giulio Albanese MCCJ

Francesco’s Dream

Fr Alex Zanotelli MCCJ

Evangelizing Politics

Fr Joseph Caramazza MCCJ

“Fratelli tutti” from the Vantage Point of the Comboni Brothers

Bro. ALberto lamana MCCJ

The Culture of Encounter

Bro. Alberto Parise MCCJ

Summary of Chapter 1

Dark Clouds over a Closed World

Pluralism and Communion

Fr Francesco Pierli MCCJ

Shalom: A Community Journey

Fr Joseph Caramazza MCCJ

Listening to Africa and Indigenous Peoples

Bro. Alberto Parise MCCJ

Our Elders’ Values Stop the ‘Deconstruction’ of the World

Fr Pedro Pablo Hernández MCCJ

Summary of Chapter 2

A Stranger on the Road

Listening to the Cry of the Poor

Fr Francesco Pierli MCCJ

Transforming the Patterns of Thought and Action

Fr Joseph Caramazza MCCJ

Bearers of Cultural and Spiritual Values

Bro. Alberto Degan MCCJ

Reaffirming Human Dignity under Threat

Fr John Ikundu MCCJ

The Current Relevance of the Comboni Charism

Bro. Alberto Parise MCCJ

Summary of Chapter 3

Envisaging and Engendering an Open World

The Gospel for Engendering and Open World

Fr Francesco Pierli MCCJ

Epoch-making Challenges

Fr Joseph Caramazza MCCJ

Sharing joys and struggles with the people

Bro. Paolo Rizzetto MCCJ

The Presence of Jesus in the Poor

Bro. José Manuel Salvador Duarte MCCJ

Edvard Dantas Cardenal: A Universal Brother

Bro. Antonio Soffientini MCCJ

Summary of Chapter 4

A heart open to the whole world

“Ricapitulate” all things on Christ

Fr. Francesco Pierli MCCJ

Becoming Citizens

Fr. Joseph Caramazza MCCJ

“Fratelli Tutti” and Migrations

Fr. Domenico Guarino MCCJ

Specific Ministries: Local and Global Dimension

Bro. Alberto Parise MCCJ

Palorinya Settlement for Refugees

Bro. Fafa Ayih MCCJ

Summary of Chapter 5

A Better Kind of Politics

The Importance of Having a Methodology and Competencies

Fr. Francesco Pierli MCCJ

The Regeneration of Political Life

Fr. Joseph Caramazza MCCJ

Restoring Dignity through Social and Economic Inclusion

A story of regeneration and empowerment

Getting Involved Personally

Bro. Simone Della Monica MCCJ

Popular Movements: An Example of a Better Kind of Politics

Fr. Joseph Mumbere MCCJ

Summary of Chapter 6

Dialogue and Friendship in Society

Mission and Social Transformation

Fr. Francesco Pierli MCCJ

The False Fraternity

Fr Joseph Caramazza MCCJ

Journeying Together

Fr Jorge Naranjo MCCJ

Dialogue, Friendship and Social Justice

Fr. Raimundo Rocha MCCJ

Fraternity and Social Friendship

Fr Fernando Zolli MCCJ

Summary of Chapter 7

Paths of Renewed Encounter

Artisans of Peace

Fr Francesco Pierli MCCJ

The Peace Bell

Fr Joseph Caramazza MCCJ

Creating Spaces for Penitential Memory

Fr Pedro Percy Carbonero MCCJ

We Are All Siblings

Bro. Matthias Adossi MCCJ

Decolonizing Reconciliation

Bro. Alberto Parise MCCJ

Summary of Chapter 8

Religions at the service of fraternity in our world

Mission and Religions

Fr Francesco Pierli MCCJ

Religions: becoming drivers of justice

Fr Joseph Caramazza MCCJ

The Path of Mysticism

Fr Paolo Consonni MCCJ

Overcoming Ambiguous Silences

Fr Giuseppe Scattolin MCCJ

The Horizon of Interreligious Encounter: Dialogue and Fraternity

Bro. Enrico Gonzales mccj