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I am a mission on this earth
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Bring healing to our lives,
that we may protect the world and not prey on it

Laudato Si, 246

Amazing stories of change


Year on Ministeriality in Asia

Theme One: The Role of the presbyter Most of the members of the communities that participated believe that the Word of God is the origin...

Coming together to transform

Ministerial innovation through collaboration In 2016 the tension over the numerous landings on Italian coasts by applicants for international protection reached its peak, fuelled by...

The ministerial role of the priest

The Word in the center. The conciliar decree on our life and ministry as priests (Presbyterorum ordinis, 4) presents the preaching of the word...

Ministeriality: rethinking our missionary presence

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyG6TSeh7_E The "experiences of ministries" are more concrete in border situations or towards marginalized human groups: "as, for example, in the urban suburbs or in...

The vision of the ministerial Church

The Magisterium of Francis takes up and reproposes the vision of Vatican Council II on the Church and her relationship with the world. He...

Mission Animation

Happy Easter!

Dear confreres: At the Easter Vigil the flame of light from the Paschal Candle burst into the darkness of night and death to announce...

Merry Christmas!

We are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the great mystery of the Incarnation, the source of our joy and the reason for...



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Fr. Gregor Schmidt: “The Church’s Commitment to Reconciliation in South Sudan”

Tuesday, March 16, 2021I was asked to write about my commitment as a religious in South Sudan in 2019 by a quarterly magazine in...

Vive Laudato si’

Lea la presentación de las diapositivas

Social Analysis for Transformation

Exploring the methodology through the case study of plastic pollution Read the comments to the slildes

Living Laudato si’ – The Laudato si’ Action Plan

Building together a process for Religious communities and Institutes

A Participatory Perspective on the Pastoral Cycle

An introduction to participatory methods in Social Analysis See the comments to the slides of this presentation


Fr. Francesco Chemello: “Open Letter to the XIX General Chapter 2021

Petition to the XIX General Chapter 2021: to recognize the theme “The rights of the unborn to life” as an integral part of the...

Mission from the Perspective of the Comboni Missionaries Today

A presentation to the Provincial Assembly of South Africa. Bro. Alberto Parise, MCCJ - 15th April 2021 The parable of a missionary model in a...

Annunciare il Vangelo nella pluralità dell culture e delle religioni

Domenica 3 marzo 2002: nella missione di Kariobangi, tra le baraccopoli della periferia orientale di Nairobi, non è una sera come le altre. È...

Integral ecology and the synod for the Amazon

Alberto Parise Nairobi, gennaio 2007: al Forum Sociale Mondiale un gruppo di varie comunità etniche del Kenya conducono un laboratorio sull’importanza della diversità bio-culturale, espressione...